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Dia: Beacon

Dia:Beacon, Riggio Galleries is the museum for the Dia Art Foundation‘s collection of art from the 1960s to the present. The museum, which opened in 2003, is situated on the banks of the Hudson River in Beacon, New York. It is one of the largest exhibition spaces in the country for modern and contemporary art.

It is one of my favorite art galleries so far in New York, because it give you the chance to escape from New York City and it is only 1 hour and 15 mins drive.

I loved this picture in front of Bruce Nauman’s neon lights. This is so fascinating that how simple neon lights can create such a powerful, magical colours. This part of the exhibition was quite popular visitors who were on the line to take great instagram or facebook profile pictures! 🙂

Of course, we chose to be comfy with my partner in crime for a long walk in and out of the art gallery because Dia has a great garden to hang out as well.