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Halloween Dog Parade 16

As Vanity Fair says ” The best dog fashion event of all time ” So get ready for it!

Halloween Dog Parade is a nondescript time of the year for dog owners and dog lovers. This is a must go event for me as a crazy dog lover, every single year before Halloween. It is in Tompkins Square Park every year and I am having so much fun to see all adorable doggies in different costumes. Seeing all the cute dogs even more cuter in their silly / fun / adorable outfits make me want to cry from/ of joy.

This cute little friend has a wheelchair and I loved the Snoopy House concept with it. He looks very innocent and adorable in his costume.

Here is our little munchkin! Cute little ghost buster! As soon as I saw this little cuteness, I started to talk with my baby voice and followed him until I got a nice photo of him. This was nothing that I can miss, he was such an adorable puppy.

Here comes the beautiful bride! How a good behave dog was it. She was sitting in her car the whole time and letting people to take her pictures. I really like the costume because she was be able to use her legs underneath the wedding gown.

This is the little princess of the parade. She was super friendly with me. As soon as, I bend over to take her picture, she came up to me and let me to pet her. Such a lovely girl.

As CNN mentioned ” The biggest Halloween costume contest for dogs in the world”  and it is a must see if you live in NY or visiting for any reason.

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