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Fire Island

Fire Island is a thin Atlantic Ocean barrier island off the southern shore of Long Island, New York. It’s known for protected beaches interspersed with seasonal resort communities.

Fire Island is a great option for New Yorkers because you can drive, take a train and ferry easily to the island. Depends on transportation and ignoring the traffic, it takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to get to the island from New York City. It is really good when you think that you sometimes spend an hour in the NYC subway around the city 🙂 So it is not bad at all! New Yorkers understand better. As I mention usually, we New Yorkers love to run away from the city whenever we have a chance to all the other people who live in metropolitan cities. As soon as my friends get off from their work last weekend, we decided to go Fire Island the little heaven that we never had a chance to explore. We preferred to take the train to get there because it illuminates the traffic.

My very first time hearing about the Fire Island was from my LGBT friends. Because Fire Island has a history of being the friendliest place for LGBT community where they can show their affections more in public back in the 1940s. Lesbians and gay men were living freely and openly in a place called Cherry Grove. The Cherry Grove Community House and Theater opened in 1948, added to the National Register of Historic Places. The theater was cited for being the oldest continuously operating gay and lesbian theater in the United States as Billy Hallowell wrote on 

Planning a fun day trip to Fire Island, home to a diverse range of natural landscapes, from sand dunes to forests, as well as vibrant towns, and nice beaches.

Why do they call it Fire Island? This is the question that I was very curious about and I am learning it with you all by creating this post 🙂

Here is the answer; The island may have been named after Fire Island Inlet, which appeared on a deed in 1789, and the inlet’s name may have started as a simple spelling error. The number of inlet islands has varied over time, and it is likely that “five” or the Dutch word “vier,” meaning four, was misspelled on early maps as “fire”.

A few cute houses on our way to the beach. This place has a unique housing style and I loved it. Super low key and modern at the same time. Just enough for a summer house!

After all these information about Fire Island, we came to the fun part of it. We visited the island when its off season so most of the places were closed and the cool parties were done. But that’s not all, it was still a bit alive and was very peaceful. We still could find a bar & restaurant to eat and grab something to drink. There was an open supermarket to shop. And The Fire Island Parasail was there for us with fun water sports activities. I had an experience to parasail before in Key West, Florida. It was super exciting and peaceful ( Yes, you heard me right because parasailing is one of the calmest and the most peaceful activity I have ever done in my life. Even if you are hundreds of feet above the ground which is kind of scary, you only hear the wind and see the great view up there in the sky. That makes you feel free like a bird and you keep saying how a beautiful view you are seeing that moment. One of my reasons to push myself to do it more is my fear of heights. I believe I am getting much better when I remember the old Busra 🙂 I remember that I was scared to look down from the balcony and windows of tall apartments in Turkey. That time, in my childhood or teenage years buildings, were not that tall like the present. Now living between the skyscrapers and even going rooftops and look down comfortably. I am a Gemini which is one of the crazy soul astronomic signs, and even my fear of heights could not stop me experiencing an unbelievable opportunity to be up there free as a bird. Gemini is also obsessed with her freedom. So my courage makes a lot of sense even if I scared of heights before 🙂

You can see in this picture how I look happy after my turn. Of course, I and my girlfriend decided to go first because as usual gentlemen have some concerns and they want to make sure it is safe 🙂 As we say again, Girl Power! <3


I create a new trend. Sneakers and socks on the beach! 🙂 I bought this socks from Forever 21 more than a year ago for my Miami trip that time. I never had a chance to wear it. It matched very well with my Adidas – Superstars. Just right at my age, perfectly!

I rather stay on the beach because the ocean was rough. I did not even try to get in. It was hard to even stand straight by the waves.

Saying goodbye to the beach. Leaving sandals and getting into comfortable shoes and my socks again.

Last pictures with the sunset. The color of the light is very beautiful. I never give myself a chance to miss this.

This photo is from our boat. We are leaving the sunset behind us and promising to be back here. I will love to come back in season next summer. It will be great to experience this beautiful place with lots of people, parties, and festivals. It sounds super exciting and evocative! Can not wait for it! 🙂

Storm King Art Centre

Storm King is one of the world’s leading sculpture parks which has been around for over fifty years. With over 500 acres of rolling hills, woodlands, endless fields of grass and wildflowers, Storm King is a site to see. The park includes 100 carefully sited sculptures created by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time.

It is the largest collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the United States. Founded in 1960 by Ralph E. Ogden as a museum for the Hudson River School paintings, it soon evolved into a major sculpture venue with works from some of the most acclaimed artists of the 20th century.

The Storm King site and art has been identified by collector Alan Gibbs as one source of inspiration for Gibbs Farm, his private outdoor sculpture museum and landscape in New Zealand.[1]


In Season 2 of the Aziz Ansari series Master of None the two main characters visit Storm King and tour the sculpture garden during the Fall Foliage illuminating the beauty of this special time of year.Master of None which just completed it’s second season is one of my boyfriend and I’s favorite shows and the reason that I found out about Storm King Art Centre. After seeing it in the show we were so ready to go and see it.

Depending on traffic, Storm King is around 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from New York City. It’s a great getaway for an artistic adventure. Living in metropolitan cities makes you feel the need to escape from the chaos of the city. The idea of being in the middle of a huge green park with fresh air and lots of art pieces sounds like an amazing withdrawal from the craziness that is NYC.



For now, I will leave you with some pictures to enjoy. If you have a chance while visiting New York you should definitely go and see this magnificent park. I highly recommended it and will definitely go again without a doubt. Have a great week everyone! Enjoy the last good weather weekends and make your way to Storm King!

The Incredible Sculptures of Gibbs Farm [1]
Jump up ^ “The Farm” by Rob Garrett – retrieved Jan 15, 2015 [2]

Scribner’s Catskill Lodge – Hunter Mountain

The first weekend of April sounds like so far away from winter sports and winter holiday season but if you are leaving in New York ( had a blizzard a few weeks ago our trip ) you never know what you expect from weather 🙂

We hit the road on a friday evening and arrived our lovely hotel after three hours driving. I was super tired closer to the end of our driving but as soon as I get in Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, I recovered. I accepted the offer to discover this beautiful place and get a nice coctail at the bar. I could not stop taking pictures, insta stories because I was in love the design of this place in every single corner! This was the exact style that I want to design my own home one day. Cozy and well designed fire places were everywhere, I felt warm like I am in my own home.

This Hunter Mountain trip was my second experience of skiing or learning how to ski is a better explanation 🙂 Thank God, I have a great ski teacher who is my boyfriend Adam skiing till he is five. He is very good at teaching anything by the way. That’s why I get far in the second time and improved my skills a lot. The only con learning with him is he is fearless because he is very good at skiing. He skied backward while I was holding him from the poles. For me this is madness, it was so fun and scary at the same time 🙂

We found a welcome note with cute little packages of marshmallow, chocolate and cookie to make our own smores by the fire outdoor. I did my own smores successfully for the first time. It was so yummy even if I do not like marshmallow so much I loved SMORES!

After eating calorie bomb smores, the best thing to do the next day was joining the yoga class in the morning. The classroom was super nice decorated, we were kind of a little late to class so I could not take pictures before everybody started. The instructor was very nice, came to us one by one and massaged our shoulders with great smelling oil at the end of the class. As soon as the class was over, I was right next to her to ask about that great smelling oil ( Serenity – Lavender ). She showed me couple of them and here are my two favorite smells that I picked.

On the way back to New York City, we stopped by in Woodstock to get brunch in Shindig. After five minutes wait, we grabbed our seats at the bar. I ordered veggie scramble which is scrambles eggs with roasted vegetables, goat cheese and pesto topped with blueberries. This scrambled eggs were the best egg dish sooo far that I have ever tried in my life! I can not describe how tasty it was!

Catskill Mountains

This is my very first trip to Catskill Mountains. I was hearing it a lot from friends because Catskill Mountain is very beautiful in every season to hike and to ski. We planned this trip to see this beautiful nature in fall, as you know when the mother nature wears orange, brown and yellow colors the most of the time. The drive from New York to Catskill State Park is around 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The Tavern at Diamond Mills was a restaurant with a great view of Esopus Creek which joins Hudson River. The food and service was great. We ordered flatbread as a starter then I got grilled Salmon with salad and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Tannersville was the little town that I met the loveliest cat ever! This cutie was so friendly with all of us. While we were sitting she came to our table and started to petting herself to our arms. She was definitely looking for attention and six animal lover ladies were the best luck for her. Good choice kitty! <3

Top: VS – Pink
Bottom: Charlotte Russe
Sneakers: Nike Airmax
Hat: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Backpack: VS – Pink

Dia: Beacon

Dia:Beacon, Riggio Galleries is the museum for the Dia Art Foundation‘s collection of art from the 1960s to the present. The museum, which opened in 2003, is situated on the banks of the Hudson River in Beacon, New York. It is one of the largest exhibition spaces in the country for modern and contemporary art.

It is one of my favorite art galleries so far in New York, because it give you the chance to escape from New York City and it is only 1 hour and 15 mins drive.

I loved this picture in front of Bruce Nauman’s neon lights. This is so fascinating that how simple neon lights can create such a powerful, magical colours. This part of the exhibition was quite popular visitors who were on the line to take great instagram or facebook profile pictures! 🙂

Of course, we chose to be comfy with my partner in crime for a long walk in and out of the art gallery because Dia has a great garden to hang out as well.