The Pint Shop!

“If all grocery stores were as intoxicating as The Pint Shop, you would be much more excited to run errands.”

For those who are in search of an interactive shopping experience that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and belly, look no further than the Museum of Ice Cream’s latest venture, The Pint Shop, which opens today. Though the 2016 museum was incomparable thanks to its sprinkle pool, ice cream sandwich swings and other delicious activities…there wasn’t actually a place to have a bite or two of your favorite flavor.

All that will change with this whimsical, inviting space where you can pick up a few containers of irresistible offerings such as Vanillionaire, Cherrylicious, Churro Churro, Chocolate Crush and Nana Banana. (Chocolate Crush, I’m coming for ya!) ” said Danielle Valente from TimeOut Magazine and I totally agree with her!

I was dying to go to Ice Cream Museum but could not make it when it was in NY. Then the Ice Cream Museum in LA was in construction when I was in Los Angeles for Coachella 2018. So I was one of the most excited people who was waiting for this exhibitions/store which is full of tons of yummy ice cream and has the cutest photo backgrounds for your Instagram. We are all in the decade of ” Do it for the gram!” and this place promises you great photos for you InstaGRAM! 🙂

Let’s talk about how to get in, the location and more. The Pint Shop is a free admission store. Sometimes you may wait on the line depends on the demand. I personally waited around 5-7 minutes to get in. I chose a weekday and it was around 2-3 pm. Pint Shop is at 459 W 14th Street, Manhattan NY. It is between 9th and 10th Ave. It is closed on Tuesdays and the other days open 12pm-9pm. Where you can just walk into the store to shop for ice creams, all sort of other products you have a chance to taste the ice cream as well. There is another advanced tasting which requires tickets are $33 with a free pint of ice cream and require an advance reservation on the MOIC Pint Shop website.

They include an initial launch of seven flavors which are Vanillionaire, a rich vanilla with wafer crumbs; Nana Banana, a frozen take on bananas bread; Cherrylicious, featuring bits of cookie; Churro Churro, a cinnamon ice cream with bits of churro throughout; Chocolate Crush, with flakes of Guittard milk chocolate; Piñata, with bits of cotton candy, cake, and sprinkles; and the MOIC’s signature Sprinkle Pool flavor and are all available for $4.99.

I had three different outfits for this place and really wanted to shoot all of them in the best possible places. I searched the place online and style my outfits depending on the colors and vibe of the place. This effort made me catch the attention of a few guests and we ended up taking some pictures and becoming friends on Instagram! It was such a kind approach and I was flattered! <3

I hope you all have a chance to check The Pint Shop out, have fun in the Cherrylicious Pool and swing over the Sprinkle Pool with cool photos!

Busra Nur Bahadir Perlis.

The oldest Luncheonette of NYC!


Hi everyone!

I was not around for a long time! As you know, wedding planning and job searching are taking a serious amount of time because they are one of the two important things in most of our lives. I gave a little bit more time to my priorities while I was away and I hope you are all ready and excited for my new blog posts! I am so ready and excited for my new blog posts because I started working with a professional photographer!

As you all know, I live in NY for almost 4 years and I like exploring this city, eating the different type of foods, going to the exhibitions, the galleries, traveling and showing you the life and what is really going on in New York City with an insider look. I wanted to take my approach more professionally and as a result, I started working with this amazing professional photographer whose name is Ozan Sapso. I tag him on my posts so feel free to reach out to him through his Instagram account if you need to. I will share with you my weekly shoots through my Instagram and on my blog you will be able to see more details about styling, places, food and more photos of all.  Let’s see if you like my new way of posts and photos 🙂


I also spend more time in Lightroom to edit my photos and use presets to have a better Instagram profile. I love using Gypsy Soul Presets which are great collaborations of  @munopia and @coffeecupsandroses on Instagram ( Gulin & Munteha ) and please feel free to check their work out! They are definitely my biggest inspirations on social media especially on Instagram and I find them extremely successful! I also felt very lucky to be able to meet them in person and had a shoot in Palm Springs while Coachella 2018.  I discovered them with their work first of all through my common friends. Then I saw how sweet and modest they were when we met in person. If you like this preset, its name is Vintage Moody Creamy. You can purchase them from @gypsysoulpresets on Instagram or from this link!

The last of the family-run diners: Inside NYC’s oldest family-owned mom and pop luncheonette where the old-fashioned way is the only way (and wi-fi definitely isn’t on the menu). This is what Jordan Gass-Poore said from Daily Mail for the Lexington Candy Shop. I used to pass by this place a lot and I was always wondering the inside.


Lexington Candy Shop at 83rd Street and Lexington Avenue opened in 1925. It’s run by John Philis, the 61-year-old grandson of the original owner Soterios Philis who came from Epirus, Greece, to New York City in search of a better life. Philis doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon, but when he does his 31-year-old son Peter may take over the business before its lease expires. The diner, which hasn’t been remodeled since 1948, has 11 years left on its lease. When the lease expires, Philis said he doesn’t know what will happen to the diner.[1]


The vintage interior has been lovingly preserved down to the smallest details and it’s no surprise to learn that the shop has been featured in numerous movies, commercials and TV shows including Fading Gigolo, Three Days of the Condor and The Nanny Diaries.  Their customers have included Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Matt Dillon, Tom Brokaw and Al Roker–just to name a few.

The Lexington Candy Shop has it’s own unique vintage vibe with old Coca-Cola bottles on their window displays from all around the world and ages! That’s why as soon as I received my skirt, I decided to go to this place for the shoot! This is a really important place in NYC history by being the old fashion family style luncheonette and it is the oldest in the city!

I pictured this place for the shoot as soon as I got my skirt from Shein. I spent literally 8$ for this skirt! It was on discount. I am super into online shopping now than I was before. I was very concern about not seeing the products and trying them on but I am getting used to online shopping in time by living in NY. I combined my plaid skirt with my Zara Pepsi crop top which is very ironic, and my Zara red leather jacket 🙂 My heels which are super old are from Bershka. And my cute picnic basket which I adore is from Flying Tiger!

I hope you all like the work we did and please feel free to leave your comments to help us improve!

Love you all,
The New Yorkista!

[1] Jordan Gass-Poore for 14:02 21 Jun 2017, updated 18:03 23 Jun 2017

Macera dolu Amerika mi?

Herkese merhabalar ve kucak dolusu sevgiler!
Bu post’u yazmayi uzun zamandir dusunuyordum. Amerika’da 3,5 yili askin yasiyorum ve bu sure boyunca sizlerden tonlarca soru aldim. Cogu burada yasamak, egitim almak, calismak ve gidilecek ve gorulecek yerler uzerine olmak uzere cok buyuk cesitlilik arz ediyordu. Ben de genel olarak Amerika’da yasamak, calismak yani buraya yerlesmek isteyenler ve burada egitim almak isteyenleri bir kategoriye ayirip bu postumu onlar icin hazirlamaya karar verdim. Gezmek tozmak isteyenler hic merak etmeyin bende o konu icin de cokca malzeme ve bilgi mevcut 🙂 Nerede ne yenir, ne yapilir, nereye gidilir konusunda gelecek ikinci postum da sizler icin cok yararli olacak. Ayni zamanda suan kullanim asamasinda olan bir seyahat aplikasyonu icin de New York ve Brooklyn’ de yapilacak seyleri ve gidilecek yerleri hazirlamis bulunuyorum. Tum revizyonlari bittigi zaman bu applikasyonu da sizler ile paylasacagim, App store’dan indirebilirsiniz 🙂

Oncelikle Amerika’da egitim konusunu ele almak istiyorum. Cunku benim Amerika hikayem de bu sekilde basladi. Ingilitere’de Nottingham Trend Universitesi Moda Tasarim bolumune master kabulu aldigim zaman, okulun benden bekledigi ingilizce seviyesini elde edebilmek icin ingilizce egitimi almaya karar verdim. Ingilizce egitimimi Ingiltere’de alacakken, kiz kardesim ve Amerika’da yedi yil kadar yasamis bir kuzenim bana Amerika’ya gitmemi onerdi. Ingiltere’ye iki defa seyahat ettigim icin, Ingilizce ayni Ingilizce mantigi ile Amerika’ya gormeye karar verdim. Simdi en buyuk iyi ki’lerimden biri oldu bu hayatimda. Sonuc olarak EF ( Education First ) isimli okulun New York kampusunde Pre-Master ( Master Hazirlik ) kursuna alti aylik bir sure ile yazildim. Bildigim kadari ile EF’in Turkiye’de bir cok temsilcisi bulunuyor. Hatta ben bu okulu arastirirken, EF Samsun ofisi beni arayip hemen bir randevu ayarladi kendileri ile gorusmek icin. Okulumun olumlu yanlarindan bahsedersek;

1. Pre – Master kursunda oldugum icin normal ingilizce goren ogrencilerden farkli olarak Business ( Isletme ) dersi, Fotografcilik dersi gibi hem eglenceli hem de gunluk hayatta da isime yarayacak bilgiler ogrendim.
2. Okulum New York – Tarrytown’da oldugu icin bir dil okuluna nazaran buyuk bir kampuse, bahceye, ayri bir kafeteryaya, yurtlara sahipti. Tarrytown, Metro North treni ile Manhattan – Grand Central’a 45 dk uzaklikta bir sehirdi New York eyaleti sinirlari icinde. Bunun bir cok avantajini gordum cunku ben Amerika’ya filmlerde izledigimiz evlerin hayali ile gelmistim 🙂 Mustakil ev benim cocuklugumdan beri en buyuk hayalimdi ve EF sayesinde ben Amerikali ( Host Family ) bir aile ile yasamaya basladim. Evde kalma ucretim, sabah ve aksam yemegim odedigim okul fiyatina dahil idi. Buradaki kiralari ve yemek giderlerini dusunursek bu sistem benim icin cok idealdi. Ayni sekilde ailede kalmak yerine okulda kalmayi da tercih eden arkadaslarim da vardi derse gitmenin kolay olmasi acisindan fakat 24. yas gunu partimde onlari evimizin bahcesinde duzenledigim dogum gunu partime davet edince hepsi evden ayrilan arkadasimin odasina gecmek icin birbirleri ile yaristilar 😀 Ben gercekten mukemmel bir aileye denk geldim, kendileri ile hala gorusuyorum. Bana kendi ailemi cok az arattiklari icin cok tesekkur ederim cunku burada aile ozlemi yasiyor insan ne kadar guclu ve bagimsizlik duskunu olursa olsun. Evimizde piano ve Benson adinda bir kopek de vardi ve tam anlamiyla Amerikan Ruyasini bana yasattilar! <3
3. Eger bu okulda programinizi tamamlayip Amerika’da lisans, onlisans veya yuksek ogretim yapmak istiyorsaniz, okuldaki rehber hocaniz size gereken belgeleri hazirlamada ve okula basvuru surecinde yardim ediyor.
4. Okulumda bir cok aktivite ve tur olurdu. Ben coguna kendi arkadaslarim ile gittiysem de bizim kadar deli cesareti olmayanlar icin yeni geldiginiz bir ulkeyi kesfetmek ve biraz da gezip eglenmek icin mukemmel bir firsat. Kendiniz bu turlara giderseniz daha uyguna getirirebilirsiniz. Ozellikle Groupon ve Tours4fun cok uygun turlari ile size onerebilecegim iki firmadir.
5. Baska bir mukemmel fakat maalesef benim yararlanamadigim bir ozellik olarak, EF’in yurt ici ve yurt disi bir cok okulu bulunmasi ve yari donemde baska bir sehire transfer olabilme ozelligi idi. EF’in Amerika icinde Miami Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Washington D.C., Santa Barbara, Boston, Chicago ve Honolulu ( Hawaii ) gibi sehirlerde okulunun olmasi ve transfer olabilme fikri bile cok heyecanli. Sahsen Miami’deki okulunun direk kumsalin onunde oldugunu ve ogrencilerin ders bitimi surekli sahilde oldugunu duyunca ben Miami’ye transfer olmak istemistim. Fakat Pre – Master ogrencisi oldugum icin ve Pre – Master kursu sadece New York ve sanirim ki Chicago da mevcuttu ve Chicago soguk oldugu icin de New York’ta kalmayi tercih etmistim. Sizin amaciniz eger sadece dilinizi gelistirmek ise, hem tatil hem de egitim amaci ile Los Angeles, Hawaii, Miami veya San Diego EF bence mukemmel bir opsiyon. Sunu da dile getirmeliyim ki, buyuk sehirlerde olmak eger burada kalmak istiyorsaniz sizin icin daha avantajli olur. Ozelikle de is konusunda bahsedecegim bunu tekrar asagida egitim yazim bittikten sonra. Bir de buyuk sehirlerdeki egitimin, tatil odakli sehirlerde ayni olmayacagini da belirtmek isterim.
6. EF’in iki onemli fuar’i oldu ben orada okudugum sure icinde. Bunlardan ilki Kultur Fuari / Panayiri idi. Bu fuarda tum ulkeler kendi yemeklerini pisirip, danslarini sergiledi ve kendi kulturlerini ellerinden geldigince bize tanitti. Biz de Turkiye icin sarma sardik, borek ve elma sekeri yaptik, turk kahvesi hazilayip fal baktik, Gulluoglu’nun New York’taki subesinden bir tepsi baklava siparis ettik, Istanbul hatirasi fotograf duvari hazirladik ve oryantal yaparak kendi kulturumuzu elimizden geldigince tanittik. Ayni zamanda diger odalari gezip, her kulturden yemek ve etkinlige de katilma sansi bulduk.
Ikinci guzel etkinlik ise Okul Fuari oldu. Bu fuara New York’daki okullar katildi ve ben bu fuar sonunda Ingiltere’ye gitmekten vazgecip New York’da Uluslararasi Isletme Master’i ( MBA ) yapmaya karar verdim. Bu da hayatimin donum noktalarindan bir tanesini olusturdu.

Olumsuz yanlari olarak;

1. Amerika’da yasamanin en temel ve bir numarali zorlugu yemek! Buradaki yemekler guzel degil mi? Guzel. Dunyanin en iyi restorantlari, bu zamana kadar hic denemediginiz dunya mutfaklari ve yemekleri hepsi mevcut. Fakat her ne olursa olsun, ilk baslarda en cok ozlenilen sey yemek oluyor 🙂 Ozellikle benim gibi et konusunda ekstra secici insanlar Amerika’da Turk restorantlarinda yemek bile yese tatmin olmayacak. Cok basarili Turkiye’ye yakin ( yakin diyorum cunku birebiri cok nadir ) leziz yemekler yapan Turk ve ozellikle Azeri ve Arnavut restorantlari var ki, bunlara detayli bir sekilde ikinci postumda bahedecegim, bunlar ev hasreti ( homesick ) cekenlere biraz yardimci olabilir. Ve bu restorantlarin cogu da Manhattan ve ilcelerinde ( Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx ) bulabilirsiniz ve bu da size 45 dklik bir tren + gideceginiz restorantin uzakliginda eger EF’i tercih ederseniz.

2. Zorluklardan bir digeri de Manhattan’a yapilan her seyahat sonunda orada gecireceginiz zamanin kisitli olmasi Tarrytown’da yasadiginiz icin. Sizin icin Manhattan’a yapilan gunubirlik tur yeterli olacaksa orasi baska tabi 🙂 Ayni zamanda Manhattan ve civarinda kalacak bir kimseniz varsa da hic problem degil ya da her haftasonu gelip otel parasi odemenin sizi gocurtmeyecegi bir banka hesabiniz varsa 🙂 New York’da otelde kalmanin da pahali olabilecegini deginmis oluyoruz bu son cumlede ki oyle. Size tavsiyem Airbnb kiralamak olur oteller yerine. Hem de bir cok arkadasiniz ile ortak kalip, masraflari paylasma olanagi dogar. Ayni zamanda size Couchsurfing’i onerebilirim. Bunu Turkiye’de kullanan bir cok arkadasim oldugunu duydum. Felsefesi de cok guzel tabi biraz cesaret isteyen de bir durum cunku tanimadiginiz insanlarin evinde kaliyorsunuz genelde ve hic bir ucret odemeden. Ya da size sehiri gosterip, kahve icmeye cikarabiliyorlar tamamen gonulluluk esasi. Uluslararasi arkadas edinmenin en guzel yolu diyebilirim. Cunku burada sizi misafir eden Amerikali bu arkadasiniz Turkiye’ye geldigi zaman siz de onu gezdirip, sehrinizi tanitip, evinizde misafir edebilirsiniz. Bunun secimi tamamen size birakiliyor bu arada. Sehri gostermek, bir seyler yemeye icmeye davet etmek veya evinizde misafir etmek bunlardan birini ya da bir kacini belirleyebiliyorsunuz. Yani siz birinin evinde kaldiginizda onun da sizde kalmasina musade etmek zorunda degilsiniz, sadece sehrinizi tanitip bir yerlere bir sey icmeye goturebilirsiniz ki ben de bunu secmistim zamaninda. Guzel bir etkilesim oldugunu dusunuyorum ama yine de bizim gibi baya korunakli yetismis bir toplum icin de biraz zor geliyor kulaga. Ama neyse ki Turk misafirperverligimiz ve kisiler icin yazilmis yorumlardan yola cikarak denenebilecek bir tecrube kendisi de 🙂 Couchsurfing benim Amerika’ya ilk geldigimde bir cok uluslararasi arkadas edinmeme yardimci olmustu. Couchsurfing yapan kisilerin olusturdugu Facebook grubundan nerede ne etkinlik oldugunu ve nerede toplanacaklarini ogrenip onlara ayak uydurabilirsiniz kolaylikla.

Benim kendi tecrubelerim ve bazi arkadaslarimin tecrubeleri bunlar Amerika’da okumak adina. Gelelim sehirde okumak, Manhattan’in kaosunu ve buyuleyici havasini her gun solumak isteyenlere. Ben sahsen EF ve Kaplan arasinda kalmistim dil egitimin icin. Cunku ingilizce egitimi deyince Kaplan en bilindik okullardan bir tanesiydi ve lokasyonunun Empire State’de olmasi da ona ayri bir cazibe katiyordu tabi. Eminim bilinmislikleri haricinde bu iki okuldan farkli ve guzel egitim veren okullar mevcuttur. Size bunlari arastirmayi oneririm cunku herkesin ingilizceyi ogrenme amaci, duzeyi ve kesesi cok farkli. Ornegin ben master hazirlik ogrencisi oldugum icin EF’ i tercih etmek zorunda kaldim cunku Master hazirlik ingilizce programi olan ve tercihlerim arasindaki tek okuldu. Fakat sunu da belirtmek istiyorum ki, buraya egitim icin gelen herkese onerilir bu hatta Ingiltere de buna dahildir, buraya egitim icin ve F1, M1 gibi ogrenci vizeleri ile geliyor iseniz oncelikle iyi bir okula yazilip oradan sonra daha dusuk, uygun fiyatli okullara yazilmaniz tavsiye edilir. Cunku Amerika vizesi almak, gelirinize ( yani gittiginiz okulun iyi ve pahali olmasina ) , is durumunuza ( Eger Turkiye’de sigortali bir isiniz varsa vize alma durumunuz daha kolaydir cunku bu kurulu bir duzeniniz oldugunu gosterir ve bu da sizin burada gocmen olarak kalmayacaginizi bir sekilde garantiler. Cunku cogu ulkenin ozellikle Ingiltere ve Amerika gibi, korkusu sizin burada bir sekilde kalmanizdir. ) baglidir. Eger oncelikli gelis amaciniz da ingilizcenizi gelistirmek ise iyi egitim veren okullardan baslamanizi tavsiye ederim.

Sizden gelen sorulari yanitladigimda cogu zaman vizelerden de ufakca bahsetmek zorunda kaliyorum ister istemez. Bir avukat kadar detayli bilgim olmasa da buraya iki ayri ogrenci vizesi ( F1 ve M1 ) ile gelmem ve H1B calisma vizesine basvurma girisimim sayesinde vizeler konusunda da isime yaradigi kadari ile yeterli bilgi sahibi oldum. Ogrenci vizeleri harici buraya H1B ( Size sponsor olan Amerikali bir sirkette calisma vizesi ), O1 ( Olaganustu yetenek vizesi ), E2 ( yatirimci vizesi ) gibi vizelere araciligi ile de gelebilirsiniz.

Gelelim burada alacaginiz egitim size ne kadar fayda saglar. Iste bu tamamen size bagli derim. Cevrenizdeki arkadaslarinizi elinizden geldigince cesitli secmeniz sizin farkli aksanlara kulaginizin alismasini saglarken onlardan ve kulturlerinden de cok sey ogrenmenize fayda saglayacaktir. Ayni zamanda kendi ana dilinizi konusamadiginiz arkadaslariniz sizi gelismeye ve zorla da olsa hata yapa yapa konusmaya ve derdinizi anlatabilmeye tesvik edecektir. Hangi yabanci ulkeye giderseniz gidin onceden oraya gitmis ya da yurtdisinda ogrencilik yapmis tanidik ve akrabalarinizdan aldiginiz en buyuk oguttur bu Turk gorunce kac misali ” Turklerle arkadaslik etme” durumu. Maalesef bana da tavsiye edildi bu ben Amerika’ya gelmeden once 🙂 Uydum mu bu duruma? Kismen. Aldigim egitim geregi sinifimda benden baska master’a hazirlanan bir Turk olmadigi icin sinifta cok rahatca bu durumdan siyrildim. Sosyal hayatimda ise Amerikali bir aile ile yasamayi tercih ettigim icin evde aile ve yabanci ev arkadaslarim olmak uzere surekli ingilzce iletisim kurdugum bir ortamda idim. Sosyal hayatima gelirse, hem Turk hem de yabanci arkadaslarim oldu. Mesela Amerika’nin bati kiyilarini ( Kaliforniya( Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara), Nevada ( Las Vegas ), Arizona’yi ( Buyuk Kanyon ) gezdigimiz bir seyahat yaptik dort Turk arkadasim ile. Onlarla gezmek ve tatil yapmanin keyfi tabiki bir baskaydi. Sonuc olarak Ingilizce’yi gelistirmek icin Turkce konusmayi kisitlama konusunda genel anlamda ev okul ve sosyal yasamim arasinda bir denge kurup basarili oldum diyebilirim. O yuzden cok da nasihat dinleyip Turklerden guluyabani gibi kacmaya da pek gerek yok 🙂 Bu dengeyi kurmak tamamen sizin elinizde arkadaslar 🙂

Siradaki basligimiz Amerika’da calisma durumu.Iste herhangi bir bolumde okuyup egitim gormek veya ingilizcenizi gelistirmekten cok daha fazla kafanizi yoran bir mesele aslinda bu. Ilk olarak Amerika’da calisma izni ile gelip yerlesmek isteyenlerin baslica secenegi olan H1B vizesi, yatirimci olarak gelmek isteyenler icin de bir E2 girisimci vizesi mevcut. Detaylarini turkce olarak Google’da guvenilir bir kaynaktan bulup aratmanizi oneririm ki aklinizda olusabilecek tum sorulara cevaplar bulabilesiniz. Ben tamamen kendi deneyimlerim ve arastirmalarim sonucu bu vizeler hakkinda bilgi sahibi oldum ve bilgilerim nacizhane kisitli olacaktir. Kendim H1B sureci baslatip durdurmus bir kisi olarak soyleyebilirim ki, kendisi size sponsor olmaya gonullu bir firma ile bu prosesi bir avukat destegi almaniz ile baslayip, en son basvuru tarihleri genelde Nisan ayinin ilk gunleri olup genelde eylul, ekim civarinda sonucu aciklanan ve secilme ihtimalinizin tamamen bir kuraya tabi tutuldugu ( yani % 50 sansinizin oldugu fakat yuksek ogreniminiz veya MBA’iniz varsa sansinizin arttiginin soylendigi ) bir vize cesitidir. Calistiginiz firma yolu ile yesil kart’a ( green kart ) basvurmanizi mumkun kilar. Zaten Amerika’da calisabilmenin en ve ilk kurallarindan biri yesil kart sahibi olmaktir. Bunu H1B, E2, O1 gibi vizelerden veya evlilik yolu ile kazanmaniz mumkundur. Ogrenci vizesi size hic bir sekilde yesil kart hakki vermez, yani ogrenci iken hic bir sekilde yasal olarak calisma hakkiniz yoktur.

Yesil kart hakki kazanmanin bir diger yollarindan bir tanesi ise her sene olan tamamen ucretsiz yesil kart cekilisine basvurmaktir. Bu cekilise devletin kendi resmi sitesinden nerede olursaniz olun, ister Turkiye ister herhangi baska bir ulke, basvurabilirsiniz. Turkiye bu cekilise katilabilen ulkeler arasinda ve maalesef ki her ulke bu listede degil. Ben sahsen bu cekilise iki sene katildim fakat ikisinde de olumsuz yanit geldi. Yesil kart cekilisinin tamamen kura oldugunu da size belirtmek istiyorum bu arada. Secilmeniz veya secilmemeniz icin hic bir gecerli neden yoktur. Tamamen sans! 🙂 Bence buraya gelmenin en guzel ve kolay yolu diyebilirim yesil kart’a hak kazanmaya. Sizin icin daha net bir yol olacagi kesin ve devletten cokca destek alabiliyorsunuz bu konuda. Sizinle Diversity Visa Lottery’nin yesil kart cekilis sayfasini buradan da paylasmak istiyorum ki belki birinizin hayalinin gerceklesmesine vesile olmus olurum ve bu da beni cok mutlu eder! 🙂

Cekilisler genelde eylul ekim aylari civarinda baslayip mayis ayinin ilk haftasi gibi aciklanir. Basvurmak icin asagidaki linke gidebilir ve basvuru tarihlerini de internette aratabilirsiniz.

Arkadaslar sunu tekrar tekrar aklinizda bulundurmanizi isterim ki, bu kura tamamen size Amerika Hukumeti tarafindan hak verilmis bir kuradir ve tamamen ucretsizdir. Bu kura icin sizin belgelerinizi her sene sizin icin bu sayfaya yukleyen sirketler de mevcut. Turkiye’de onlari arastirip onlardan da destek alabilirsiniz belirli bir ucret karsiligi fakat bunu kolaylikla kendiniz de yapabilirsiniz. Eger ingilizce konusunda kendinize cok guvenmiyorsaniz birinden yardim alabilir, ya da sozlukte anlamadiginiz yerleri kolaylikla tercume ederek bunun ustesinden gelebilirsiniz. Size guveniyorum! 🙂

Hepinize simdiden bol sans diliyorum! Ne olursa olsun hayallerinizin pesinden kosmaniz dilegi ile. <3 Benim gibi kacak olup, yasal olmayan bir konuma dusmeyin tabiki ama ne olursa olsun inandiginiz seylerin pesinden de gidin derim. Evet benim buradaki hikayem cok farkli bir boyut olan ogrencilikten cok kararli bir durus sergileyen kacak bir gocmene donusse de ben yasadigim bu ufak atraksiyondan cok sey ogrendim ve burada size bunca bilgi aktarmamin sebebi de burada yasamayi dogru ve kolay yollardan basarmanizi saglamakta ufak da olsa bir katkim olmasini istemem 🙂 Cok sukur hic bir zorluk ve olumsuzlukla karsilasmadim bu surec boyunca Turkiye’ye gidip gelememek haric fakat bu da benim bir birey olarak verdigim kararin yukumlulugunu ustlenmemle ve buna hep olumlu tarafindan bakmaya calismamla kolaylasti. Hayatta ne yaparsaniz kendinize yaparsaniz mantigi ile yola cikarak kendime bir iyilik yaptigimi dusunup hep bunu kendime ve kendimden sonra gelecek nesillere yaptigim bir yatirim olarak gordum ve hayat bizi utandirmasin diyorum! Cunku hayat gitmemek, yapmamak ve cesaret etmemek icin cok kisa! Deneyimleyin, deneyimleyin ve deneyimleyin. Hic bilmediginiz ve hayallerinizi alarak geldiginiz bir ulkede sabikali olmak da buna dahil. Hahaha! 🙂

Not: Ben bir ikizler burcuyum ve lutfen beni ornek almayiniz! 🙂

The best day! En mutlu günüm!

Herkese uzun bir aradan sonra Merhabalar! 🙂

Uzun bir ara diyorum cunku yeni bir post hazirlamam haftalar surdu. Nedenini soracak olursaniz nisanlanmam, 4 gun sonrasi evlenmem, dugun ve yesil kart islerimleri icin kosusturmalarim, doktor isleri vs vs. Gozlerini kapatan maymuncuk emojisi koyup tarif etmek isterdim su bir ayda yasadiklarimi fakat asil kosusturma gecen haftasonu dugun planlari ve arastirmalari yapmam ile basladi. Ne kadar yorucu olursa olsun bunlar cok guzel heyecanlar ve insanin hayatinda yalnizca bir kere yasadigi onemli bir gun 🙂 Herkes umarim bu mutlulugu tadar ve en guzel gunu planladigi sekilde hayallerindeki gibi olur!

Bir ay onceki erkek arkadasim simdiki esim’in haftasonu bir is gezisi ile kayak tatilini birlestirmesi uzerine basladi hikayemiz. Is geregi Hunter Mountains’da cok sevdigimiz bir otelde bir parti oldugunu ve orada kalip, kayak yapacagimiz bir haftasonu tatili oldugunu ve o haftasonu icin baska bir plan yapmamami istedi. Araba kiralayip yola ciktik. Once biraz kayak yapip sonra oglen yemegi yiyip parti icin hazirlanmak icin otelimize gectik.

Hi everyone after a long time! 🙂 I say for a long time because I have not been posting for weeks. If you ask me why, my engagement, my marriage after 4 days of my engagement, all the doctor and paper process for the marriage etc. No matter how tiring they are, they are very excited and it is an important day which you live once in your life 🙂 I hope everyone will experience this happiness one day and it will be like they dream it! My boyfriend, a month ago, told me the ski weekend plan where we combine his business at the same time. Hunter Mountains was the area where the hotel we stay and the party will place. We rented a car and journey started. First, we stopped to ski at the mountain. Then went to Mama’s Boy to eat lunch and our hotel to get ready for the party.

Bahadir soyadimi tek basina kullanmaya cok yakinda veda edecegim aklimin ucundan bile gecmezdi bu fotografi cekerken 🙂

I had no clue when I was taking this picture that I was not able to use my last name Bahadir itself alone ever again! 🙂

Mama’s Boy Burger, Hunter’a bir kac gelmemize ragmen hic kesfetmedigimiz bir mekandi. Ogle yemegi icin tater tots ve mantarli hamburger secimim ile Mama’s Boy Burger’dan memnun kaldim.

Mama’s Boy Burger was the place for our lunch choice where we have never been despite has been to Hunter Mountains couple times before. Their tater tots and portobello mushroom burger was great!

Ogle yemeginden sonra otelimize dogru yol aldik. Burada farkli tasarim ve urunlerin satildigi standlarin kuruldugu guzel bir market vardi ona bir goz attik.

When we arrived our hotel Scribner”s Catskill Lodge, we saw this little craft market in the lobby.

Sonra da parti icin hazirlanmaya koyulduk. Saat 4’e geldiginde parti icin asagida olmamiz gerekiyordu. Saatin gelmesine dakikalar kala hazir olabilmistim ve Adam beni balkona cagirdi bir sey gostermek icin. O gun oglen yemegi icin gittigimiz restorantta aksam uzerin havai fisek gosterisi olacagini ogrenmistik. O da bu bahaneyi kullanarak beni balkona cikarmayi basardi. Senenin ilk kari yagiyordu o gun, 9 Aralik. Hani nerede? Havai fisek gosterisi mi basliyor derken o sihirli sozlerini soylemeye baslamisti bile. Evlenme teklifi edecegini anladigim gibi duygulandim ve ona sarildim. O da guldu ve daha teklif etmedim diye cevap verince ikimizde kahkahalar atmaya basladik 🙂 Ona evet yerine tabiki dedigimi hatirliyorum ve sonra da yuzugumu takip karsi balkonda bizi kameraya alan otel gorevlilerini gosterdi. Odamiza gonderilen sampanya ile kutlamayi baslattik. Ailelerimizi arayip bu guzel haberi onlar ile telefondan paylastik. Bu arada evlenme teklifi alacagimi ailem ve kizkardesimin aylar onceden biliyor olmasi ve bana hic bir sey belli etmemelerini ogrenmem beni baya sasirtti. Hatta teklifimin daha erken olacagi fakat kizkardesimin Amerika’ya gelisini beklediklerini de yine cok sonradan ogrenmis bulundum. Kizkardesim gelirken evlilik icin ihtiyacim olan tum belgelerimi bile yaninda getirmisti.

Then we went to our room to get ready for the party. When it was 4 o’clock, we had to be on the porch for the party. I was ready a few minutes before 4 pm and Adam wanted to show me something that he was calling me to the balcony. Earlier that day when we were at the restaurant to eat lunch, one of the employees told us that it will be a fireworks display. So Adam used this excuse to make me out to the balcony. The first snow of the year was that day, December 9th. I was so curious to see the fireworks and asking like “Where is it?” When I was looking for the fireworks show to start, he started to say his magical words. As soon as I understood that he was proposing, I was emotional and I hugged him. He mentioned that he has not proposed yet when I was hugging him so it is early to celebrate, we both started laughing 🙂 I remember saying him “of course” instead of “yes”, and then he showed me the hotel staff who were recording us with a camera at another balcony. We started the celebration with the champagne presented to us and sent to our room. We called our parents and family to share this beautiful news with them on the phone. In the meantime, my family and my sister knew I had to get a marriage proposal earlier in the month, and I was amazed by the fact that they were very professional to hide it from me. My proposal had been waited for the perfect time, for my sister to arrive the U.S.A. and she brought me all the documents I needed for my marriage.

Gunler boyunca ozellikle de ilk gun gozumu yuzugumden alamadim. Yuzugum tam hayalimdeki gibi tasarlanmisti. Yastik kesim dikdortgen tek tas ve kenarlarinda minik sira tasli cerceve ve band. Basta emerald cut ( zumrut kesim ) yuzuk dusunurken New York kuyumcularindan aldigim tavsiye ile dikdortgen yuzuk askimi cushion kesim ( yastik kesim ) ile degistirdim. Denedigim emerald ve cushion kesim yuzukler de bu kararimi pekistirmemi sagladi. Ozellikle benim gibi round cut ( yuvarlak kesim ) tercih etmeyen fakat yuzugunuzun parlak olmasini isteyen hanimlara en guzel onerim yastik kesim yuzuktur. Cunku emerald kesim cok guzel bir model olmasina ragmen diger kesimlere gore en az isigi verir. Yuvarlak ve kare hatlari ayni anda sergileyen yastik kesim ise emerald’dan daha cok yuzeye sahip oldugu icin isigi cok guzel yansitan bir model ve son 100 yilda populerligi artmistir. Yastik kesim kare ve dikdortgen olmak uzere iki farkli modele ayrilir. Parmaklari daha uzun gostermesi ve daha hos durdugunu dusundugum icin ben dikdortgen kesimi tercih ettim. Ayni zamanda bu model kareden daha zor bulunan bir model.

During the first day, I could not take my eyes off my ring. It was designed exactly like I dreamt. The masonry cut is a rectangular single stone and a small tapered frame and band on the edges. I changed my Emerald cut engagement ring idea instead of a Cushion cut engagement ring with the recommendation of New York jewelers. The emerald and cushion cut rings that I tried were also able to enhance this. It is the best recommendation for the ladies who do not prefer round cut like me but want your ring to be sparkling. Even though the emerald cut is a very nice model, it gives the least light to compare the other cuts. The cushioning, which exhibits round and square lines at the same time, is a very beautiful reflection model for having more surface than emerald and has increased popularity in the last 100 years. The mattress is divided into two different models to be square and rectangular. I prefer the rectangular cut to shows the finger longer than it is and looks much better. At the same time, this model is more difficult to find.

Ertesi gun sabah yakinda Amerika’da satmaya basladigim bir Turk firmasina ait urunlerin cekimini yapmaya basladik. Gecen aylarda Turkiye’de evlenen cok yakin bir kiz arkadasim icin baktigim dugun hediyeleri ile Amerika’da gelinlere ozel gecelik, sabahlik, pijama ve ic camasiri pazarinin cok genis olmadigini farketmem, hic guzel ve ozel bir tasarim bulamamam, buldugum ve begendigim tek urunun de 850$ civarinda olmasi ve Victoria’s Secret gibi bile buyuk firmalarin Bridal koleksiyonlarini tamamen kapatmasi beni soke etmisti. Onume bir kac ay sonra tamamen tesadufen gelen bu guzel proje sayesinde Turkiye’den getirdigimiz urunleri Amerikan piyasasina sunmanin sevincini yasiyorum. Umarim bunun gibi nice Turk urununu Amerika pazarina sokabilme ve bunu her gecen gun arttirabilme sansim olur. Urunleri Amazon ve Blogumun suan hazirlanma asamasinda olan Shop bolumunde satisa cikaracagiz. Siz de Amerikaya getirmek istediginiz urunler icin veya e-mail adresimden bana ulasabilirsiniz.

The next morning, we started to shoot for the products of a Turkish company that I started to sell in the U.S.A. A few months ago in Turkey, one of my best friends got married and I was looking for a gift for her to send it to Turkey. When I was looking a gift for her I noticed that there are very limited nightgowns, morning gowns, pajamas, and underwears for brides which are pretty and affordable. There was only one product that I liked for her and it was around 850 $ for a lingerie! The affordable ones were terrible designs and nothing special at all! Even the big companies such as Victoria’s Secret have completely closed their Bridal collections. I was shocked. Then a few months later, I have introduced to this products from Turkey with a work project and decided to be part of it to present it to the U.S. market. This product is a set of a morning gown, a nightgown, a long-sleeved pajamas and a short and tank pajamas for summer. I am so proud to introduce this Turkish brand into the American market and increase it every passing day. We will sell the products in the Shop section of my blog which is still under development, Amazon for now. We aim to get into the Flea markets soon to be able to create face to face communication with our clients. You can also contact me at or email me at for the products you wish to bring to the U.S.A.!


Cekim bittikten eve gitmek icin yola koyulduk ve yolumuz uzerinde olan iki dugun mekanina ugradik fikir edinmek icin. Beni aslinda en buyuk suprizin evde bekledigini bilmeden yorgun ve yatagimi dusleyen bir sekilde evden iceri girdim ve Adam’in ailesini, yakin arkadaslarimi, kiz kardesimi ve Amerika’ya ilk geldigimde yasadigim ailem gibi olan ikinci ailemi evimizde buldum.

As soon as we finished the shoot we headed for the two wedding venues on our way. I came home without knowing that the biggest surprise was waiting for me at home!  Adam’s family eventually my new family, my host family where I lived when I first get here, my sister and my close friends were at home for our surprise engagement party!

Tabiki yine gozyaslarimi tutamadim. Hic beklemedigim bir andi ve herkesi orada bir arada gormek beni cok cok cok mutlu etti. Iste bu guzel gunumuzun tum fotograflari sizinle. Allahtan arkadaslarima ve tum sevdiklerime boyle guzel insanlarla cevrili olmayi, boyle guzel surprizler ve anilar yasamayi nasip etmesini diliyorum. Tum guzellikler sizinle olsun, sevgiler <3

Busra Nur Bahadir Perlis

I could not hold my tears of course. It was a very special moment to see everyone all together. I wish my friends and all my loved ones to be surrounded by beautiful people like I do! I wish your special day will be better than this! Wish all the best you all, love <3

Busra Nur Bahadir Perlis

Yayoi Kusama – Festival of Life

Yaşayan en önemli avant garde sanatçılardan biri olan Yayoi Kusama resim, entelasyon, happening, edebiyat, sinema dahil sanat disiplinlerinin birçoğunda önemli eserler ortaya koymuştur. Özellikle pop art, minimalizm ve feminist sanat ile ilgili çalışmaları ile tanınır. Cocukluk yillarinda gecirdigi ailesel travmalar onu halusinasyonlar gormeye itmistir. Annesi ve babasi gorucu usulu evlenmis, babasi zengin bir aileye damat gittigi icin esinin soyadini almis ve capkinliklar yapip ev disinda fazlaca vakit gecirmistir. Annesi ise bu durumu aciga cikarmak icin kucuk kizini casus olarak kullanmaya calismistir. Bu psikolojik travma Yayoi’nin erkek bedeni ve sekse karsi gecici sureli isteksizlik yasamasina neden olmustur.


Kusama 13 yasinda Ikinci Dunya savasi icin askeri parasut ureten bir fabrikaya calismaya gönderildi. Burada parasut dikerken, surekli duydugu siren sesleri ve savas ucaklarinin aktif bir sekilde inip kalkisi onu cok etkiledi. Bu onu ileride bir cok savas karsiti is yapmaya ve ozgurlugu asilamaya yoneltti. Yaklaşık on yaşından beri gördüğü halüsinasyonlardan etkilenerek benekler ve ağları resmeden Kusama ilk kişisel sergisini 1952’de Japonya’da açtı. 1957’de ABD’ye göç etti.16 yıl kaldığı bu ülkede pek çok ses getiren happening gerçekleştirdi, puantiye ve nokta desenlerini her disiplinde uyguladı; film yapımcılığı ve yayıncılık gibi işler yaptı. 1973’te ülkesine döndü ve gönüllü olarak bir akıl hastanesine yerleşti; burada çok sayıda roman, şiir ve otobiyografi yazarak edebi bir kariyer başlattı.

Yaşamını geceleri gönüllü olarak kaldığı bir akıl hastanesi ile gündüzlerini üç katlı dev atölyesi arasında geçirmektedir. 1990’lı yıllardan sonra uluslararası arenada Kusama’nın eserlerine ilgi gittikçe artmış ve Kusama dünyanın pek çok şehrinde geniş izleyici kitleleri tarafından izlenen projeler gerçekleştirmiştir.

Yakın geçmişte paylaştıgım Louis Vuitton sergisinde de Yayoi Kusama sanat eserlerinden esinlenilerek dizayn edilmiş puantiyeli çantaları sizinle paylaşmıştım. Hikayesi beni etkileyen sanatçilardan biridir Yayoi Kusama. Yaşadıgı onca zorluga ragmen bunu insanlık ile paylaşabilecegi guzel eserlere çevirmesi onu en cok takdir ettigim taraf kesinlikle. Umarim siz de bu sergiden benim kadar keyif almissinizdir.

Detaylı çalışmaları ve başarılarını daha ayrıntılı olarak görmek için bu bağlantıya tıklamanız yeterli!

İyi okumalar!
Mutlu cumartesileri!

Yayoi Kusama, one of the most important avant-garde artists living, has made important works in most of the art disciplines including painting, intellectual, happening, literature and cinema. She is especially known for her work on pop art, minimalism and feminist art. She born in 1929 in Matsumoto, Japan, Kusama grew up as the youngest of four children in an affluent family. However, her childhood was less than idyllic. Her parents were the product of a loveless, arranged marriage. Her absent father, emasculated by the fact that he had to take his wife’s surname as a condition of marrying into the wealthy family, spent most of his time away from home womanizing, leaving his angry wife to physically abuse and emotionally torment her youngest child. She would often send her daughter to spy on her father’s sexual exploits, the mental trauma of which caused Kusama to have a permanent aversion to sex, and the male body.

At the age of ten Kusama began experiencing vivid hallucinations in which flowers would speak to her and patterns in fabric would come to life and consume her. She began to draw these visions as a therapeutic outlet, providing her with solace and control over the anxiety that tormented her. When Kusama was 13 years old she was sent to work in a military factory sewing parachutes for Japan’s World War II efforts. Her adolescent years were spent in the darkness of the factory listening to air-raid sirens and the sounds of army planes flying overhead. The horrors of war would have a lasting effect on her, leading Kusama to create numerous anti-war works and to also value individual and creative freedom. Her experience at the factory also provided her with the utilitarian ability to sew, which would prove useful when she began creating her soft sculptures in the 1960s.


She spends her days in her atelier during the day and voluntarily at the mental hospital at nights. Kusama has become more popular after the 1990s and she had the chance to show her art in many countries to a bigger audience. For further information about her, you can visit the link here.

Enjoy the photos!
Happy Saturday!


Here some of her publications.

İşte sanatçının birkaç yazarın eserini görüyorsunuz.

FIT Fairytale Fashion.

Fairy Tale Fashion was a unique and imaginative exhibition that examined fairy tales through the lens of high fashion. In versions of numerous fairy tales by authors such as Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, and Hans Christian Andersen, it is evident that dress was often used to symbolize a character’s transformation, vanity, power, or privilege. The importance of Cinderella’s glass slippers is widely known, for example, yet these shoes represent only a fraction of the many references to clothing in fairy tales.

Organized by associate curator Colleen Hill, Fairy Tale Fashion featured more than 80 objects placed within dramatic, fantasy-like settings designed by architect Kim Ackert. Since fairy tales are not often set in a specific time period, Fairy Tale Fashion included garments and accessories dating from the 18th century to the present. There was a particular emphasis on extraordinary 21st-century fashions by designers such as Thom Browne, Dolce and Gabbana, Tom Ford, Giles, Mary Katrantzou, Marchesa, Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Prada, Rodarte, and Walter Van Beirendonck, among others.

The exhibition’s introductory space featured artwork that has played a role in shaping perceptions of a “fairy tale” aesthetic. These included illustrations by renowned early 20th-century artists such as Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, and A.H. Watson. Several recent, large-scale photographs from Kirsty Mitchell’s award-winning Wonderland series were also on display. This was the first time that Mitchell’s marvelous work—for which she designs and makes all of the elaborate costumes and sets—has been shown in the United States. Connections between fashion and storytelling are further emphasized by a small selection of clothing and accessories, including a clutch bag by Charlotte Olympia that resembled a leather-bound storybook.

The main gallery space used fashion to illustrate 15 classic fairy tales, arranged within four archetypal settings. Visitors first walked into the Forest, which included the tales “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Snow White,” “The Fairies,” “Rapunzel,” and “Snow White and Rose Red.” Several variations of Little Red Riding Hood’s red cloak were shown, beginning with a fashionable woolen cloak from the late 18th century—the style that is used to illustrate innumerable versions of the story—and concluded with a fall 2014 Comme des Garçons ensemble with an enormous, peaked hood in scarlet patent leather. Inspired by the fairy tale–themed fall 2014 presentation by Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet, Snow White was portrayed wearing a black organza gown encrusted with rhinestones while lying in her glass coffin. The subsection on “Rapunzel” included a stunning dress from Alexander McQueen’s fall 2007 collection, made from deep emerald velvet embellished with copper-colored beads that created a motif of cascading hair.

The center of the gallery was dominated by a large Castle, in and around which the tales “Cinderella,” “Furrypelts,” “The Snow Queen,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Sleeping Beauty” were displayed. Cinderella was first shown in her rags, exemplified by a Giorgio di Sant’Angelo ensemble with a skirt made from shredded chiffon, and dating from his 1971 The Summer of Jane and Cinderella collection. Cinderella’s spectacular glass slippers were exemplified by a pair of 2014 heel-less shoes by Noritaka Tatehana, 3D-printed in clear acrylic and faceted to reflect light. Clothing was central to a lesser-known Brothers Grimm tale titled “Furrypelts,” which calls for a cloak of many furs, in addition to magnificent dresses that look like the sun, the moon, and the stars. The latter was represented by a dazzling, early 1930s evening gown by Mary Liotta, covered in silver stars crafted from beads and sequins. In “The Snow Queen,” the beautiful villainess wears a coat and cap of pristine white fur, exemplified in Fairy Tale Fashion by an opulent hooded fur cape by J. Mendel from 2011.

“The Little Mermaid” and “The Swan Maidens” were explored in the Sea section of the exhibition. Charles James’s Swan dress, from the mid-1950s, has a full skirt made from alternating layers of black, beige, and brown net that form an exceptionally graceful silhouette. Undercover’s spring 2015 collection featured numerous swan-inspired designs, one of which is now in the collection of The Museum at FIT—an especially detailed ensemble comprised of a feather-printed miniskirt worn beneath a tutu hand-painted with a plumage motif. It was paired with a motorcycle-style jacket with sleeves made from laser-cut silk “feathers.” “The Little Mermaid” was represented by a variety of beautiful, mermaid-inspired gowns, including Thierry Mugler’s 1987 bustier and fishtail skirt in metallic lilac fabric, and an elaborately crafted dress embellished with pearls, sequins, feathers, and Swarovski crystals from the spring 2015 Rodarte collection.

The exhibition also highlighted two fairy tales that take place in Parallel Worlds—Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Although Alice makes little reference to clothing, there is a distinct “Wonderland aesthetic” that has influenced fashion. This subsection featured a playful, bright blue mini-dress by Manish Arora, adorned with fabric playing cards that reference the tale’s Queen of Hearts and her playing card army. By contrast, The Wizard of Oz makes numerous references to fashion, including Dorothy Gale’s blue-and-white gingham frock, represented by a checked cotton dress from the early 1940s by Adrian, who also designed many of the costumes for the famous 1939 film version of the tale. Although Dorothy’s magical shoes are silver in the story, they are better remembered as the sparkling “ruby slippers” from the movie. A pair of bright red, crystal-encrusted stilettos by Christian Louboutin was unmistakably evocative of Dorothy’s iconic footwear.

A multi-author book, also titled Fairy Tale Fashion, was published by Yale University Press in early 2016. Featuring more than 150 beautiful photographs and illustrations, the book expands upon the rich and fascinating topic of fashion in fairy tales. In addition to extensive text by Colleen Hill, the publication includes essays by Patricia Mears, deputy director of The Museum at FIT; Ellen Sampson, fashion theorist and footwear designer; and Dr. Kiera Vaclavik, senior lecturer of French and Comparative literature at Queen Mary, University of London.

Fairy Tale Fashion was also featured in Google’s Arts & Culture “We Wear Culture” project, a collaboration with The Museum at FIT and over 180 renowned cultural institutions from New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, São Paulo, and around the world.

Hooded ensemble, Comme des Garcons, Spring/Summer 2015 on the right.

Rei Kawakubo took the red riding hood in a provocative new direction, designing an enormous, peaked headpiece in patent leather. Its size led to quips from the fashion media about a “Big Red Riding Hood.” This noteworthy design received, even more, attention when it was worn by Björk in the Spring 2015 issue of T magazine.

Cape, late 18th century, England or USA illustrating “Little Red Riding Hood”


Christian Louboutin Cinderella Shoes 2012.

Cinderella shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood 2015.

Impossible Slippers by Noritaka Tatehana Glass Slippers 2014

Cinderella’s spectacular glass slippers were exemplified by a pair of 2014 heel-less shoes by Noritaka Tatehana, 3D-printed in clear acrylic and faceted to reflect light.


J. Mendel, ensemble, 2011 (cape) and spring 2008 (dress), France. Lent by J. Mendel illustrating “The Snow Queen” on the left.

The invisible shoe by Andreia Chaves.

Dress, Rodarte, Spring/Summer 2008 ( on the left )

Snow White’s identifying colors — white, red, and black — are meaningful. According to the folklorist Cristina Bacchilega, the heroine embodies “the beauty and purity of white, the transformative powers of red or gold, the ritual — and sexual — death of black.”

The use of dye on this Rodarte dress was inspired by the look of blood in water, lending it an ominous beauty.

The gown Alice + Olivia Stacey Bendet Fall 2014. A Poisoned Apple, by Judith Leiber, Minaudiere Bag Fall 2013.

Snow White and Rose Red by Thom Browne. Man’s suite Fall 2014 and Woman’s ensemble Fall 2013.

Dolce and Gabbana Purple Corset Dress Fall 2014 and Peter Soronen Red Corset Dress 2007

Dolce and Gabbana Snow White Evening Gown 2012 is a gift of Bergdorf Goodman to FIT.


Evening gown by Alexander Mc Queen Fall 2007 illustrating Rapunzel.


Christian Louboutin, Lady Lynch stilettos, fall 2009-2010. Lent by Christian Louboutin illustrating The Wizard of Oz. 

The first on the left is Ruby Gown by Rodarte Fall 2011, the second Thierry Mugler Evening Ensemble Fall 1997 Haute Couture, the green gown is by Molyneux 1930, the fourth Altuzzara 2015 and the last by Adrian 1942.

Ruby Slippers by Noritaka Tetahana 2010.


Sleeping Beauty’s Court, Dolce and Gabbana Dress and Hood Fall 2014 (left)
Sinister Fairies, Alexander Mc Queen Evening Gown 2007 (right)


Marchesa, Spring 2012 on the left and  Zuhair Murad, Haute Couture Spring 2015 on the right illustrates “The Sleeping Beauty.”


The first dress The Sea Witch by Hideki Seo and the second on the left Thierry Mugler, ensemble, circa 1987, France illustrating “The Little Mermaid”.

Rodarte Dress The Spirit of the Sea inspired by The Little Mermaid.

Manish Arora, the purple dress, 2010 (remade 2015), France illustrating Alice in Wonderland.

Wonderland Motifs, Alice Shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood 2010.

The Pocket Watch Dress, Louis Feraud, Circa 1989.


Rodarte Dress Roses for Beauty inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Mary Katrantzou

Walk in the Beast’s Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Louis Vuitton

Hi Everyone,
I would like to share the Louis Vuitton Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibition with you who were not be able to see or the ones who are far away from New York and deeply close to fashion! As you all know, I like to create my posts more into what is going on in New York more like activities, fashion, art, exhibitions, and getaways. This is one of the art + history + fashion exhibitions that I was really interested in. The exhibition curated by Olivier Saillard, which retraces the adventure of the House of Louis Vuitton from 1854 to the present. A story told through the portraits of its founders, as well as those who today are inventing the Louis Vuitton of tomorrow.

This historic journey, designed by Robert Carsen, is divided into ten chapters, one of which is entirely devoted to the United States of America and New York City. The tour opens with the most symbolic object of the House: the trunk, a model fashioned with contemporary flair, embodying the iconic hallmarks and bold spirit of Louis Vuitton. The exhibition features objects and documents from the Louis Vuitton heritage archives, as well as select articles on loan from the Palais Galliera and the Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris. The exhibition concludes with a display devoted to the savoir-faire of the artisans in the Louis Vuitton workshops. For further information, you can visit here.

Interior luggage labels.

This is so cool! They kept their Daily Sales Ledger for Louis Vuitton Paris Store from 1872.

Every trunk was having a special key. This is the book for registered keys.

A shoe trunk.

Almost like a little wardrobe which can travel with you.

Here is one of my very first love with Louis Vuitton. I remember speedy monogram miroir bags were super trendy almost 10 years ago. I remember myself to want to get it so bad when I saw at Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Such a funny story 🙂

The suitcases on the right side are the president suitcase in nomad natural leather and created for Wes Anderson’s film The Darjeeling Limited.

I had no idea about these bags before I came to the exhibition. I loved the sense of humor of Marc Jacobs and Richard Prince.

This silk Jeanne Lanvin hostess dress worn by Mary Pickford who was a prolific Canadian-born film actress and producer.

A sketch for a bottle design.

One of the coolest design of Louis Vuitton Sybilla monogram canvas umbrella backpack for the 100th anniversary of the monogram canvas.

Louis Vuitton collaboration with Frank Gehry for the celebrating monogram project twisted box in monogram canvas.

Louis Vuitton in collaboration with Rei Kawakubo bag with holes in monogram canvas.

Louis Vuitton Masters collection collaborations with Jeff Koons.

Another collaboration with Supreme.

Louis Vuitton in tribute to Stephen Sprouse Alma bag in monogram roses leather.

Louis Vuitton in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama speedy bag in monogram town canvas. Yayoi Kusama is a great Japanese artist, writer and the mother of Infinity Mirror and Festival of Life exhibitions that I die for to see. She is an incredible woman with a great story. Here is her little story if you are interested in 🙂

While we were looking at the dresses, there was a huge screen in the room to show which celebrities and models wore the dresses. This nurse dress was worn by Naomi Campbell.

City guide books in adorable shade of colours.

The shirt long top H&M
Leather Pants H&M
Boots Chanel
Bag Chanel

The Best Halloween / En iyi Cadilar Bayrami

Herkese Selamlar,

Uzun zaman sonra Turkce yazdigim ikinci blog paylasimim bu. Genelde ingilizce yazmamin nedeni artik Turkiye’de de cogu arkadasimin ve takipcimin iyi ingilizce seviyesi oldugunu bilmem. Size bir  challenge / firsat da olsun istiyorum ingilizcenizin taze kalmasi acisindan. Ufak da olsa bir faydam dokunuyordur umarim 🙂 Bu yil Cadilar Bayraminda o kadar guzel, o kadar farkli bir tecrube yasadim ki bununla ilgili tum detayi yakalamanizi istedim. Cogunuzun bildigi uzere 3 yili askin bir suredir New York’ta yasiyorum. Bu sene de ucuncu cadilar bayramini burada kutlamis bulunmaktayim. Zaman gectikce Cadilar Bayraminda yapilacak aktiviteler ve gidilecek yerler konusunda daha da dikkatli olmaya ve gidilebilecek en iyi partiye gitmeyi kendime bir gorev bildim 🙂 Gecen sene yasadigimiz bir hayal kirikligi da buna katki sagladi. Neyse ki son anda gittigimiz partiden tatmin olamayip Cin Mahallesi / China Town civarlarinda yasayan bir arkadasimizin cati kati / roof top partisine davet edilmemizle gecenin rengi degisti.

Iceriye girmeden once cektigimiz bir hatira fotografi.

Avizelerle yapilan dekorasyona bayildim. Aklima Sia – Chandelier sarkisi gelip durdu 🙂

You are so lucky Halloween partileri iki yildir benim radarimda olan bir etkinlik. New York’un en iyi en cool Halloween partisi kesinlikle tartismasiz bu parti. Biletler satisa cikar cikmaz sizi e-mail yolu ile bilgilendiriyorlar. Fakat biletlerin tukenme hizi Coachella ve Burningman’den daha hizli diyebilirim. Biletler 45 dakika gibi bir sure icinde bitiyor ve maili goremediyseniz, mesgulseniz buyrun bir sene daha beklemeye. Ben de biletleri yakalayamayan azinliktaydim son iki yildir. Bu sene de biletlerin bitmesinden kisa bir sure sonra cuma gununde acik bilet olduguna dair bir e-mail aldim ve hemen siteye girip 4 adet bilet satin aldim. Ve boylelikle benim You are so lucky ve Matte Projects isbirligindeki Halloween partileri kapsamindaki The Blind Man’s Ball maceram bu sekilde basladi. Parti saat 9 da kapilarini acti ve sabah 4 sularina kadar devam etti.

Parti New York, Yonkers’da 72 odali gotik bir malikanede kutlanmakta. Bu sene bizi Alice Harikalar diyarinda gibi hissettiren bir tema vardi. Her oda kendine has muzik, danscilar ve dekorasyon ile gelenleri eglendirmekteydi. Tarot bakilan bir odadan tutun, bir dovme sanatcisinin dovme yaptigi bir oda bile mevcuttu. En sevdigim odalardan biri iki Drag Queen / Zenne ‘nin surekli Lady Gaga muzikleri calan odasi idi. Gecenin ilerleyen vakitlerinde bu odadaki ses sistemini ele gecirip sirasiyla mezdeke ve ankara havasi calmisligimiz oldu malesef ki 🙂 Buyrun videolar!


Partide en cok memnun oldugum seylerden biri isiklandirma ve dekorasyondu. Karanlik odalar ve bahcede kotu cikacagini dusundugum iphone ile cekilmis fotograflarimiz adeta profesyonel makine ve isiklandirma ile cekilmis gibiydi. Bir cok bar olmasi servisin de hizli olmasina sebep oldu. Icki sirasi beklerken eglenceyi kacirmak gibi bir durum ortadan kalkmis oldu. Icen insan acikir felsefesi ile kurulan tek yemek standinin da Turk bir restoranta ait olmasi bizi hem gururlandirdi hem de mutlu etti. New York’un en unlu Halloween partisinde de ispanakli peynirli gul boregi yemek de nasipmis 🙂


Unlu Turk Sef Nusret Gokce’nin kostumu bu sene Halloween’e damgasini vurdu. Kendisininde instagram hikayesinde paylastigi kadariyla ne kadar buyuk kitlelere ulastigini hepimiz gorduk. Bir Turk olarak bunu bilmek ve Amerika’da da her yerde gormek cok hosuma gidiyor. Bizim partiden de bir Nusret / Salt Bae paylasmadan olmaz. Buyrun videosu linkte 🙂


Kostum detaylarina gelince,
Elbisem H&M marka olup Buffalo Exchange’den almistim uzun zaman once hic giymedigim icin etiketini o gun cikarttim, 14 $ idi.
Sahte kurk ceketim Staring at Stars marka olup Buffalo Exchangeden uzun zaman once aldigim bir parca fiyati 20 $ civari olabilir hatirladigim kadari ile.
Lenslerimi’dan 19 $
Khaleesi perugumu da E-Bay’den 22 $
Sac aksesuarim Zuhair Murad – Mango koleksiyonundan yillar once aldigim bir kolye.
Ayakkabilarim Adidas marka topuklu spor ayakkabilardi ve kendisi de Buffalo Exchange’den.

Makyaj Malzemelerim,
Fondotenler  Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow no 30
Sephora Camel intense – Moyen Medium 29
Highlighter – Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette
Allik – NYX Cheek Contour Duo Palette Two to Tango
Far – Sephora Danger in Paradise no 29
Kontur Kalemi – Tarte no 1
Kas – Ka-Brow Benefit no 2
Goz alti kapaticisi – Naked Skin Urban Decay Light Neutral
Maskara – Yves Saint Laurent The Shock

Genel hatlari ile parti bizim icin olagan ustu keyifli gecti. Simdi sizi videolar ve fotograflarla bas basa birakma vakti!

Hi All,

Creative agency MATTE and art-party starters You Are So Lucky join forces for a pre-Halloween event at Alder Manor. Details about the event are scarce but count on a lavish soiree filled with immersive art, scintillating performances, live music and more, all taking place in a stunning 72-room gothic mansion in Yonkers.

This legendary affair was a masquerade for the absurd at the nascence of the Dada movement and New York Bohemia, recreated one hundred years later thanks to MATTE and its team of cultural visionaries.

The Manor was a gothic Alice In Wonderland-esque adventure, with every individually themed room functioning as a rabbit hole, leading you to another room, and all of a sudden you’ve lost your friends and have no idea where you are as Taylor Boozan says from Guest of a Guest.

You are so lucky Halloween parties are on my radar for a long time. It is definitely the coolest Halloween party in New York. You receive an email as soon as they release the tickets. But I can say that tickets are sold out faster than Coachella and Burningman tickets. If you do not see the email right away, you will be waiting for another year. I was the minority who could not catch the tickets for the last two years. I received an e-mail after the tickets were over for a few weeks, I was informed that there were some open tickets on Friday and I immediately went to the site and bought 4 tickets. And that’s why my You are so lucky and the Blind Man’s Ball adventure in the Halloween parties that Matte Projects cooperates with has started.

The party is celebrated in a Gothic manor in 72 rooms in Yonkers, New York. I felt Alice Wonderland, there was a theme. Each room was entertaining with its own music, dancers, and decoration. Hold a room with a tarot looking, even a room where a tattoo artist tattooed. One of my favorite rooms was the room where two drag queens atonement was playing Lady Gaga music. In the course of time, we were able to handle the sound system in this room and we played Turkish music to do the belly dance 🙂


In this party, I was most pleased with lighting and decorating. The dark rooms and the photos we took with the iPhone that we thought would be a badge seemed to be drawn with professional machine and lighting. Having many bars caused the service to be very fast. So I never felt like  I  when I was in the huge line for a drink. The fact that the only food stand established with the philosophy of human openness belonged to a Turkish restaurant made us both proud and happy. In New York’s most celebrated Halloween party, how about eating a spinach cheese borekas / pie?

My costume details,
My dress is H&M and I got it from Buffalo Exchange, 14 $
Fake fur is Staring at Stars and from Buffalo Exchange, around 20 $
My contact lenses from 19 $
Khaleesi wig from E-Bay, 22 $
Hair accessories from  Zuhair Murad – Mango collection necklace
My shoes are my Adidas high heel sneakers from Buffalo Exchange

Foundations  Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow no 30 and
Sephora Camel intense – Moyen Medium 29
Highlighter – Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette
Blush- NYX Cheek Contour Duo Palette Two to Tango
Eyeshadow – Sephora Danger in Paradise no 29
Contour – Tarte no 1
Eyebrow – Ka-Brow Benefit no 2
Concealer – Naked Skin Urban Decay Light Neutral
Mascara – Yves Saint Laurent The Shock

With general remarks, the party was very enjoyable for us. Now it’s time to leave you with your videos and photos!

Halloween Dog Parade 17

Hi All,
Happy Halloween!

This is literally the best time of October! Pumpkin patch, Halloween, and Halloween Dog Parade are some of the fun activities to do in this time of the year. I try to go every year for this cutest Halloween party for dogs. This is my third year in a row at The Anual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. I enjoy it more than seeing dressed humans for Halloween. It is creative to see owner/dog combinations, couple dogs in their couple costumes and individual dogs. Always time is not enough to explore all the dogs in the park because there is a lot dog who come for the runway competition. Suggested donation is 5$ to enter and there are thousands of dollars in prizes.

Let’s start to check out the creative, fun and cute dogs and the owners with their costumes!

Here one of my favorite dog/owner costumes, Beauty and the Beast. She is making him perfect for the pictures and here they are!

Cute little Donut Chef.

The cutest Viking ever!

Here is the most popular costume of the parade. Handmaid from Handmaid’s Tale. I love this series a lot. There were at least 5 different dogs with handmaid costume.

This is owner/ dog Handmaid’s Tale costumes.

Big spider or a Tarantula. I even thought it was the monster from Stranger Things 😀 Hahaha, I think because I just started watching it and watched all the episodes to catch up with Season 2.

When the Pope and Donut Chef meets.

Lobster-chie! Combination of Lobster and Frenchie.

Unicorn Frenchie.

As I called Vecihi 🙂

Shark team.

Adorable witch family.

Pink fluffy Flamingo.

Mario and the friend.

Fun little rappers.

He looks at you like I know I look a pizza but please do not eat me. Looks super cute and innocent!

This puppy was so unique. I loved his breed.

Two yummy slices of pizza!

The Minions.

Another Frenchie in a butterfly costume.

One Love – Bob Marley.

Bob Marley.

He is definitely from Hawaii 🙂

Super Hero dogs.

Wonder Woman.

Roaring little lion.

And here is the birthday boy! This cutie has a lot of attention. He has such a simple and great outfit.

All got so hungry! We are walking to the place that our friends recommended.

One of the Halloween themed restaurants on lower east side.

Here is the real food! Perfect trays for champions. Looks like it is so much food but we ate it all, no worries. One tray for 3-4 people. We were 8 people so ordered two trays. There is shepherd salad ( Israeli salad ), labneh, sausage, eggplant, grilled chicken, salad with beets and cheese, eggs, shakshuka and french toast with berries. The name of the place is Spiegel. It is Isreali food.

After lunch, we decided to get ice cream which is very close to Spiegel. One of the friends from our group recommended il laboratorio del gelato. There are so many flavors which was hard to choose. I picked hazelnut and chocolate orange with a waffle cone. So we ended this day with sweet memories.

It was such a great day. Dog Parade, amazing food, ice cream, and friends. We had so much fun and I hope you all enjoy as much as we did when you read this!

Happy Halloween and Enjoy!

Atlantic City 2017

atlantic city

Hi Everyone!

The weather in New York this whole October has been incredible. The weather is really warm like in high 70’s 80’s Fahrenheit and around 25-27 Celsius. We are still in summer dresses and no jacket needed except some nights and cold subways. Surprisingly the weather is above seasonal normals and this makes us feel like summer is not over yet! So there is another convenient getaway for you to explore which is only 2 hours and 30 minutes away. Let’s explore Atlantic City with the nickname of America’s Playground.

Atlantic City is a resort city in Atlantic CountyNew Jersey, United States, known for its casinos, boardwalks, and beaches. In 2010, it had a population of 39,558.

Atlantic City inspired the American version of the board game Monopoly, especially the street names. ( I did not know this before, this is so cool! ) Since 1921, Atlantic City has been the home of the Miss America pageant. In 1976, New Jersey voters legalized casino gambling in Atlantic City. The first casino opened two years later.

We took the bus to Atlantic City from Port Authority, Manhattan. It takes only 2 hours and 25 mins. We preferred The Greyhound and paid only 55$ per person for round trip which is super affordable and fast. Hotels are also very varied. Everyone can easily find hotels depends on their budget. We preferred Harrah’s Resort which is a little luxury but still ended up paying only 220$ a night for two people. So you can have an idea how much this trip will/would cost you.

This hangover bears were on our way to Bally’s Beach Bar. We discovered last year and had so much fun at this beach bar. They had a lot of games, live band and so many tourists who came to have some fun. Atlantic City is one of the popular places for Bachelor’s and Bachelorette parties and we saw a lot of groups who came for that reason.

One of the first reason to come to Atlantic City for many people is gambling! Gambling is legal in New York City and there are only a few casinos. Generally, in the United States, gambling laws depend on the states. Each state has different gambling laws. In some of them, gambling is illegal. Places like Atlantic City attracts people for a huge variety of casinos, beaches, nice weather, nightlife and so on. Las Vegas is another good option for west coast which has no ocean and so famous with pool parties. ( I am praying for Las Vegas victims and for their families with all my heart. )

This Game of Thrones-themed slot machine took my attention right away as soon as we stepped into the casino. No necessary to talk about it over and over whoever does not watch it missing a lot! I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones with no question! 🙂 I was a little hesitant in the beginning because, I really prefer to not see a lot of war scenes, blood, and plot. However, G.O.T. took control of me which I am super happy about it! 🙂

Here is me! Who traveled Las Vegas a few times, Atlantic City and Cyprus all of the sin cities of gambling and surprisingly never gambled. Until this trip! I decided to take my chance in Russian Roulette because I like quick results and it seemed easier. I ended up winning and getting more than what I bet. I promise myself to spend a certain amount of money and I made it more than double. I was happy and proud of my first real gambling experience which ended very profitable 🙂

We were staying at Harrah’s Resort which we came to “The pool after dark” party in this hotel last year. We had a great time. There was a huge pool by the stage and people were in their high heels, evening dresses and bathing suits and bikinis. People were on pool floats and toys having fun in the pool and dancing to the music.

Our second day, we decided to try the new beach that we just got recommendations about. The Bungalow Beach Bar was the exact place to hang that we were looking for. The cocktail and the food were pretty good! The ambiance of the place was peaceful on one side with no music and hammocks and on the other side two bars and a pool in the middle of the bars, music, and more fun! I loved the place by itself!

I usually go to shopping before every holiday. This year I was trying to be good about it and I can say that I am going very successful. I have so many clothes that I can not even fit in my place properly. I have so many closet space the issue is I have so many clothes, shoes, and bags. I sold some of my clothes to a second-hand shop and gave the rest away to my friends. I decided to be more careful about spending money on less but quality products. I took what I already have in my wardrobe to this trip. I wore some dresses that I purchased a while ago and never wore. One of them is my colorful crochet dress which I bought for Coachella 2016 from H&M Coachella collection. That is actually a perfect beach dress and belong here more than anywhere. Most of my clothing in this post are from H&M and Mandee. Just my bikini is this new season of H&M.

These shorts and my bikini top are from H&M. I love this high waist shorts, one of the best I could find last season which fits me perfectly. The bikini top which has the cut-out bottom is a new season. I really like it but the only thing you should get ready for cut-out pattern sunburns! Lol! 🙂

Out of the beach bar and found this awesome boat says Atlantic City on it. Of course, this is a perfect place for me to get my best memory picture of this trip. My dress is from H&M which Katy Perry was wearing on the advertisement of H&M two seasons ago for Valentine’s Day. My glasses are one of my first purchase of H&M and famous brands collaborations. Anna Dello Russo x H&M collaboration sunglasses with the gold crocodiles. These sunglasses were literally the last sunglasses in the store and I begged someone on the line to get it for me. Success! I thank that mystery lady again for getting it for me! 🙂