The Pint Shop!

“If all grocery stores were as intoxicating as The Pint Shop, you would be much more excited to run errands.”

For those who are in search of an interactive shopping experience that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and belly, look no further than the Museum of Ice Cream’s latest venture, The Pint Shop, which opens today. Though the 2016 museum was incomparable thanks to its sprinkle pool, ice cream sandwich swings and other delicious activities…there wasn’t actually a place to have a bite or two of your favorite flavor.

All that will change with this whimsical, inviting space where you can pick up a few containers of irresistible offerings such as Vanillionaire, Cherrylicious, Churro Churro, Chocolate Crush and Nana Banana. (Chocolate Crush, I’m coming for ya!) ” said Danielle Valente from TimeOut Magazine and I totally agree with her!

I was dying to go to Ice Cream Museum but could not make it when it was in NY. Then the Ice Cream Museum in LA was in construction when I was in Los Angeles for Coachella 2018. So I was one of the most excited people who was waiting for this exhibitions/store which is full of tons of yummy ice cream and has the cutest photo backgrounds for your Instagram. We are all in the decade of ” Do it for the gram!” and this place promises you great photos for you InstaGRAM! 🙂

Let’s talk about how to get in, the location and more. The Pint Shop is a free admission store. Sometimes you may wait on the line depends on the demand. I personally waited around 5-7 minutes to get in. I chose a weekday and it was around 2-3 pm. Pint Shop is at 459 W 14th Street, Manhattan NY. It is between 9th and 10th Ave. It is closed on Tuesdays and the other days open 12pm-9pm. Where you can just walk into the store to shop for ice creams, all sort of other products you have a chance to taste the ice cream as well. There is another advanced tasting which requires tickets are $33 with a free pint of ice cream and require an advance reservation on the MOIC Pint Shop website.

They include an initial launch of seven flavors which are Vanillionaire, a rich vanilla with wafer crumbs; Nana Banana, a frozen take on bananas bread; Cherrylicious, featuring bits of cookie; Churro Churro, a cinnamon ice cream with bits of churro throughout; Chocolate Crush, with flakes of Guittard milk chocolate; Piñata, with bits of cotton candy, cake, and sprinkles; and the MOIC’s signature Sprinkle Pool flavor and are all available for $4.99.

I had three different outfits for this place and really wanted to shoot all of them in the best possible places. I searched the place online and style my outfits depending on the colors and vibe of the place. This effort made me catch the attention of a few guests and we ended up taking some pictures and becoming friends on Instagram! It was such a kind approach and I was flattered! <3

I hope you all have a chance to check The Pint Shop out, have fun in the Cherrylicious Pool and swing over the Sprinkle Pool with cool photos!

Busra Nur Bahadir Perlis.

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