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I was not around for a long time! As you know, wedding planning and job searching are taking a serious amount of time because they are one of the two important things in most of our lives. I gave a little bit more time to my priorities while I was away and I hope you are all ready and excited for my new blog posts! I am so ready and excited for my new blog posts because I started working with a professional photographer!

As you all know, I live in NY for almost 4 years and I like exploring this city, eating the different type of foods, going to the exhibitions, the galleries, traveling and showing you the life and what is really going on in New York City with an insider look. I wanted to take my approach more professionally and as a result, I started working with this amazing professional photographer whose name is Ozan Sapso. I tag him on my posts so feel free to reach out to him through his Instagram account if you need to. I will share with you my weekly shoots through my Instagram and on my blog you will be able to see more details about styling, places, food and more photos of all.  Let’s see if you like my new way of posts and photos 🙂


I also spend more time in Lightroom to edit my photos and use presets to have a better Instagram profile. I love using Gypsy Soul Presets which are great collaborations of  @munopia and @coffeecupsandroses on Instagram ( Gulin & Munteha ) and please feel free to check their work out! They are definitely my biggest inspirations on social media especially on Instagram and I find them extremely successful! I also felt very lucky to be able to meet them in person and had a shoot in Palm Springs while Coachella 2018.  I discovered them with their work first of all through my common friends. Then I saw how sweet and modest they were when we met in person. If you like this preset, its name is Vintage Moody Creamy. You can purchase them from @gypsysoulpresets on Instagram or from this link!

The last of the family-run diners: Inside NYC’s oldest family-owned mom and pop luncheonette where the old-fashioned way is the only way (and wi-fi definitely isn’t on the menu). This is what Jordan Gass-Poore said from Daily Mail for the Lexington Candy Shop. I used to pass by this place a lot and I was always wondering the inside.


Lexington Candy Shop at 83rd Street and Lexington Avenue opened in 1925. It’s run by John Philis, the 61-year-old grandson of the original owner Soterios Philis who came from Epirus, Greece, to New York City in search of a better life. Philis doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon, but when he does his 31-year-old son Peter may take over the business before its lease expires. The diner, which hasn’t been remodeled since 1948, has 11 years left on its lease. When the lease expires, Philis said he doesn’t know what will happen to the diner.[1]


The vintage interior has been lovingly preserved down to the smallest details and it’s no surprise to learn that the shop has been featured in numerous movies, commercials and TV shows including Fading Gigolo, Three Days of the Condor and The Nanny Diaries.  Their customers have included Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Matt Dillon, Tom Brokaw and Al Roker–just to name a few.

The Lexington Candy Shop has it’s own unique vintage vibe with old Coca-Cola bottles on their window displays from all around the world and ages! That’s why as soon as I received my skirt, I decided to go to this place for the shoot! This is a really important place in NYC history by being the old fashion family style luncheonette and it is the oldest in the city!

I pictured this place for the shoot as soon as I got my skirt from Shein. I spent literally 8$ for this skirt! It was on discount. I am super into online shopping now than I was before. I was very concern about not seeing the products and trying them on but I am getting used to online shopping in time by living in NY. I combined my plaid skirt with my Zara Pepsi crop top which is very ironic, and my Zara red leather jacket 🙂 My heels which are super old are from Bershka. And my cute picnic basket which I adore is from Flying Tiger!

I hope you all like the work we did and please feel free to leave your comments to help us improve!

Love you all,
The New Yorkista!

[1] Jordan Gass-Poore for 14:02 21 Jun 2017, updated 18:03 23 Jun 2017


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