Halloween Dog Parade 17

Hi All,
Happy Halloween!

This is literally the best time of October! Pumpkin patch, Halloween, and Halloween Dog Parade are some of the fun activities to do in this time of the year. I try to go every year for this cutest Halloween party for dogs. This is my third year in a row at The Anual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. I enjoy it more than seeing dressed humans for Halloween. It is creative to see owner/dog combinations, couple dogs in their couple costumes and individual dogs. Always time is not enough to explore all the dogs in the park because there is a lot dog who come for the runway competition. Suggested donation is 5$ to enter and there are thousands of dollars in prizes.

Let’s start to check out the creative, fun and cute dogs and the owners with their costumes!

Here one of my favorite dog/owner costumes, Beauty and the Beast. She is making him perfect for the pictures and here they are!

Cute little Donut Chef.

The cutest Viking ever!

Here is the most popular costume of the parade. Handmaid from Handmaid’s Tale. I love this series a lot. There were at least 5 different dogs with handmaid costume.

This is owner/ dog Handmaid’s Tale costumes.

Big spider or a Tarantula. I even thought it was the monster from Stranger Things 😀 Hahaha, I think because I just started watching it and watched all the episodes to catch up with Season 2.

When the Pope and Donut Chef meets.

Lobster-chie! Combination of Lobster and Frenchie.

Unicorn Frenchie.

As I called Vecihi 🙂

Shark team.

Adorable witch family.

Pink fluffy Flamingo.

Mario and the friend.

Fun little rappers.

He looks at you like I know I look a pizza but please do not eat me. Looks super cute and innocent!

This puppy was so unique. I loved his breed.

Two yummy slices of pizza!

The Minions.

Another Frenchie in a butterfly costume.

One Love – Bob Marley.

Bob Marley.

He is definitely from Hawaii 🙂

Super Hero dogs.

Wonder Woman.

Roaring little lion.

And here is the birthday boy! This cutie has a lot of attention. He has such a simple and great outfit.

All got so hungry! We are walking to the place that our friends recommended.

One of the Halloween themed restaurants on lower east side.

Here is the real food! Perfect trays for champions. Looks like it is so much food but we ate it all, no worries. One tray for 3-4 people. We were 8 people so ordered two trays. There is shepherd salad ( Israeli salad ), labneh, sausage, eggplant, grilled chicken, salad with beets and cheese, eggs, shakshuka and french toast with berries. The name of the place is Spiegel. It is Isreali food.

After lunch, we decided to get ice cream which is very close to Spiegel. One of the friends from our group recommended il laboratorio del gelato. There are so many flavors which was hard to choose. I picked hazelnut and chocolate orange with a waffle cone. So we ended this day with sweet memories.

It was such a great day. Dog Parade, amazing food, ice cream, and friends. We had so much fun and I hope you all enjoy as much as we did when you read this!

Happy Halloween and Enjoy!

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