Yusuf Kayi – Store and Opening Party

I know that people in New York always look for different shopping experiences as I do. There are so many vintage stores, flea markets where you can find super cool items very affordable. This is one of the reasons that I like to live in New York, because you can see all kind of people in different kind of styles all unique and admirable. They are not stereotyped, they are bold and diverse. They care if it is eco-friendly, organic, charity based or comfortable than its price, brand power or if it is in trend. They are great consumers with awareness. These are the good qualities what make New Yorkers good shoppers and good customers as well.

My friend Yusuf Kayi’s could not pick a better place than Williamsburg – Brooklyn , New York to open his new store which full with unique designs and accessories. As you know, Williamsburg has a longstanding reputation as one of the world’s most hipster neighborhoods.

Yusuf is my old and maybe one of the first friend that I have in New York. I heard about him through a good friend from Turkey and as soon as I got here I found a way to meet him for a coffee. He is a very talented fashion designer and artist in Turkey and now in the United States. He have been in a few successful projects in Turkey such as ” Yok Boyle Dans “. He had his own store the name called Yusuf Kayi in Cihangir, Istanbul.

In the United States, Yusuf was creating more artwork than clothing. I had the pleasure of attending many of his exhibits in the past. His work leans more avantgarde and modern.

Finally, Yusuf decided to open his own clothing store. I believe, he will still continue to do artwork as well. He had his opening party on 17th of August 2017, yesterday. It was a great night with Dj, food and booze at the backyard of his store. My friends and I had so much fun!

This was the only male item at the opening. It is a vintage Ralph Lauren vest. Yusuf’s has mentioned that his first men collection will be available in a month.

As soon as I saw this black tulle and feather detailed dress, I imagined this dress would be great in Burning Man. It would be super cool to go to Burning Man with a special design dress which I am planing to do my own designs for the next year, HOPEFULLY! 🙂 The soul of this store reminds me Burning Man a lot. It is very unique, avantgarde and nothing in this store is classic and boring. You can easily see toys hanging from the dresses, chains, tassels and chokers.

At the backyard of the store, Yusuf had an opening party to celebrate his new business with friends and customers. The Dj was wearing one of his designs for the night. They also have a vintage furniture store at the same location the name called New Old New, just right next to Yusuf Kayi Store.

I wish my dear friend a good luck with everything and congrats for being an independent entrepreneur. I believe, he will be very successful in his unique way of fashion recycle. Cheers to new success stories! Please remember to visit him on 624 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211.

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